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Peli Hardigg Single Lid Cases

There are approximately 450 different size Single Lid case studies, all of which can be produced in many different shapes, and can be fitted with many different fittings.

Air-tight and water-tight seals for extra protection against dust, water and changes in air pressure.

Single Lid can be used for a wide range of equipment needing extra protection - it is only up to your imagination and your needs. If you have sensitive and expensive equipment to be transported, you should use this type of case.

Nefab can for example mount a hand-made or water-jet cut foam solution in this type of box.
Electronics are also well-suited for mounting in this type of case.

All Single Trust products have a lifetime warranty.

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Good alternatives are Storm Case, Peli Case, Explorer Case, HPRC and SKB Waterproof.

49 different sizes
39 different sizes
104 different sizes

64 different sizes
29 different sizes

Prices and Sizes
- Foam plates and cubed foam
- Size overview - Peli - Peli Storm - Explorer - HPRC


- Wheels / Glue / Locks / Peli Skid mates / Peli desiccant

Aluminium boxes for trucks and construction sites for example.

Aluminium Boxes, 100%

E-Plasticase ®
Explorer Case ®

Heavy Case ®
HPRC cases ®

ISP Case ®
Jazz Case ®

Panara Case ®
Peli Case ®

Peli Single Lid Cases ®
Peli Storm Case ®


Plypak plywood cases
SKB Cases ®
SKB Military Cases ®
SKB Racks ®
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