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E-Plasticase ®

E-Plasticase is a simple and inexpensive plastic case.
The case type is available in many different designs.

See here: brochure.

E-Plasticase is manufactured from a high quality material called copolymer polypropylene, due to its excellent impact resistant properties.
The French National Laboratory has tested the "live hinges", without comment, more than 100,000 times with the open/close movement.
Nefab manufactures many foam solutions in Plasticase cases. Our production of water-jet cut foam solutions, which fit articles, are very well suited for this type of case. E-Plasticase can in fact be installed with velcro, elastic, pockets and inserts. Can be fitted with silkscreen printing.
Good alternatives are Tekno Case, ISP Case, Jazz Case, Panara and Heavy Case.
E-Plasticase A1
E-Plasticase B1
E-Plasticase B2

Plasticase A1 size 309 x 282 x 100

Plasticase B1 size 509 x 360 x 116

Plasticase B2 size 509 x 306 x 116

Plasticase A1 plastik kuffert
Plasticase B1 plastik kuffert
Plasticase B2 plastik kuffert
E-Plasticase C1
E-Plasticase D1
E-Plasticase D2

Plasticase C1 size 350 x 250 x 79

Plasticase D1 size 376 x 269 x 73

Plasticase D2 size 435 x 308 x 88

Plasticase C1 plastik kuffert
Plasticase D1 plastik kuffert
Plasticase D2 plastik kuffert
E-Plasticase D4
E-Plasticase G1
E-Plasticase L1

Plasticase D4 size 326 x 237 x 79

Plasticase G1 size 135 x 94 x 31

Plasticase L1 size 339 x 248 x 81

Plasticase D4 plastik kuffert
Plasticase G1 plastik kuffert
Plasticase L1 plastik kuffert
E-Plasticase M1
E-Plasticase M2
E-Plasticase P3

Plasticase M1 size 330 x 251 x 58

Plasticase M2 size 219 x 158 x 41

Plasticase P3 size 196 x 62 x 28

Plasticase M1 plastik kuffert
Plasticase M2 plastik kuffert
Plasticase P3 plastik kuffert
E-Plasticase P5
E-Plasticase R1
E-Plasticase R2

Plasticase P5 size 219 x 158 x 41

Plasticase R1 size 226 x 200 x 71

Plasticase R2 size 222 x 160 x 39

Plasticase P5 plastik kuffert
Plasticase R1 plastik kuffert
Plasticase R2 plastik kuffert
E-Plasticase R3
E-Plasticase R4
E-Plasticase S1

Plasticase R3 size 260 x 197 x 45

Plasticase R4 size 318 x 244 x 49

Plasticase S1 size 340 x 240 x 45

Plasticase R3 plastik kuffert
Plasticase R4 plastik kuffert
Plasticase S1 plastik kuffert
E-Plasticase T7
Plasticase T7 size 530 x 375 x 153
Plasticase T7 plastik kuffert
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