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E-Plasticase® G1

Plasticase G1 plastik kuffert

Plasticase G1 teknisk tegning
E-Plasticase® is produced in many standard models and colours. The standard colour is black.
Individual fitting out:
We offer fitting out of either 1 or more with foam, pockets in lid, pressure, etc.
Laboratory-tested hinges: The lifetime has been tested to more than 100,000 times, where the hinges have been opened-closed by the French National Lab.
Plasticase G1 hængsel
Inside dimensions in mm 135 x 94 x 31
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Prices and Sizes
- Foam plates and cubed foam
- Size overview - Peli - Peli Storm - Explorer - HPRC


- Wheels / Glue / Locks / Peli Skid mates / Peli desiccant

Aluminium boxes for trucks and construction sites for example.

Aluminium Boxes, 100%

E-Plasticase ®
Explorer Case ®

Heavy Case ®
HPRC cases ®

ISP Case ®
Jazz Case ®

Panara Case ®
Peli Case ®

Peli Single Lid Cases ®
Peli Storm Case ®


Plypak plywood cases
SKB Cases ®
SKB Military Cases ®
SKB Racks ®
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